FLY – 30 minute connections…maybe not at the Detroit Airport

You would think after over 6 years in the air I would have this connection thing down.  I’ve seen the gradual reduction of direct flight options and am almost forced to take connections no matter where I go.  I hate sitting at an airport unnecessarily, but buying tickets with only a 30 minute connection can actually be a really bad decision.

Let’s take this week’s flight from Boston to Greensboro as an example.  I purchased a Delta flight through Detroit with a 30 minute connection.  Did you know the Detroit Airport is a mile long?  And as luck had it I came in at A51 and my connection gate was C32.  There is no train to connect the terminals.  I never ran so fast in my life.  Now the way home was even trickier as my plane out of Greensboro was about the size of my car.  So I had to gate side check my carry on.  On my way back it was the same distance to run, but I had to wait for my carry on bag for about 15 minutes.  Thankfully, my connecting flight was delayed 45 minutes, because I arrived at the gate 5 minutes after departure time.

Lesson learned, know your airport and expect the longest distance possible for connecting gates.  Check out for maps, distances between gates, and other helpful facts.



2 thoughts on “FLY – 30 minute connections…maybe not at the Detroit Airport

  1. mike sandberg says:

    i always try to have at least an hour. but sometimes that is not a possablity. I have made a 40 min connection thru atlanta from from d terminal to b terminal.

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